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Each of our facials address a specific concern, while allowing each treatment to be fully customized to each clients needs.

Our Spa Facials all include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, massage, masque and cream.


A purifying facial is great for acne and/or congested skin.



A hydrating facial will bring comfort and glow back to dry or dehydrated skin.



A sensitive facial will help to bring your skin back into balance, giving a feeling of relief and comfort.


Petite Facial

This quickie facial is a great introduction to facial treatments, or pick me up.



An anti-aging facial will help to fight the signs of aging, at any stage of the game.


for Mature Skin

This facial is for the mature skin client that embraces a few lines and seeks healthy, glowing skin.


Deluxe Facial

This deluxe treatment begins with your choice of a back massage or back scrub. Then enjoy all the benefits of one of our other facials facials PLUS a lip and eye masks, and dry scalp massage.


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