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Dermaplaning is a safe and effective exfoliation treatment instantly revealing smoother skin and a healthy glow.

This thorough yet gentle exfoliation that is suitable for almost anyone, including during pregnancy. During this treatment the vellus hair (peach fuzz) will also be removed.

This treatment can be done as a stand alone treatment, or paired with other facial treatments for greater results.


What is Brow Lamination? Simply put, it's a perm for your eyebrows. 

Brow Lamination lets us reposition the eyebrow hair to make the brows appear fuller. Have unruly brow hair? Lamination helps to straighten and smooth the hair, creating a well groomed brow.

Tint and shaping included with every brow lamination.


A Petite Facial is a great introduction into facials for teens and adults. If you are new to facials or want simple monthly maintenance, try a Petite Facial. Facials are customizable for your skin type and skincare goals. 

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Love your spa experience? It doesn't have to end here, take some of it home with you. We will gladly recommend skincare, body products, and more suited to you.

Take advantage of 15% off when you visit the spa for a spa package (3 or more services).

Click here to take a look at our packages.

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Receive a FREE bottle of Yon-ka Sensitive Mask with the purchase of Yon-ka Alpha Peel and Yon-ka Alpha Fluid.

These products are all gentle and great for sensitive skin. The Alpha Peel is an oil that gently exfoliates your skin while you sleep. Alpha Fluid gives your skin that burst of hydration in the morning. And the Sensitive Face Mask is great for when your skin needs to be soothed and purified.


With the purchase of any Day and Night Cream, get a free bottle of Yon-Ka Booster Oil!

Booster Oils are exactly that... a boost to your skin! Whether your skin needs a boost of hydration, nutrients, lift, or defense fighting, you can choose the one that most suits your needs. 

Put a small amount of oil on in the morning or at night when your skin needs a little boost.

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